Monday, 12th December, 2022

As I was cycling to work this morning I decided how I wanted to manage the various blogs I have. I concluded something and was very happy with that choice. Now I don’t remember exactly what it was. I think I did conclude I should install Wordpress as a nice looking, easy to use, “traditional” blog. This site stays as a “chat with a cup of tea” style blog. However, this doesn’t seem like the epiphany that it felt like this morning, but maybe as that was due to the cold weather.

I remembered my private tiddlywiki that’s running on node, and went and looked in it. Seems like I set it up about this time last year. I was using it for work mostly. I was reading some of the original journal entries I made. Nice to see what I was thinking back then, I’m not sure what use it is but I liked that I did it. It is making me rethink dokuwiki vs. tiddlywiki for private stuff. Ideally I’d write each day’s thoughts then summarise it at the end of the week in a single tiddler, then a monthly summary, etc. In theory this should be easier to do on tiddlywiki with transclusion and filters etc. It would also be good for me to solely use tiddlywiki in public and private as then I only have to learn one software, plus I can even drag and drop tiddlers between the two.

Am tempted to start from a blank TW for ~2023, with maybe a few mods…

Dynalist is so quick to add some thing to. I have a few core lists and there are so few steps to adding to it, regardless of where I am - phone, computer, ipad. I’m now wondering about if it should be the place for keeping information. One example of this is books I’d like to read. Everywhere else it’s multiple clicks, or searches and editing files. Dynalist, I just open it, click on the note, click the end, hit enter and paste or type. Maybe that sounds a lot but tiddlywiki it’s: open the browser, go to the tab, or enter the URL (wait for it to load), either click add a new tiddler, write/paste in the details, add a tag and accept. OR search for a book list, click the arrow and then edit, go to the end, enter, paste, accept. I could make an easier entry system for it in tiddlywiki but that’s just one item/type of item. I’m not really going to make multiple custom ones. If I’m doing TW properly I should have a tiddler with fields that I populate info in, which then isn’t a straight cut and paste. Anyway. Dynalist. Think about it.

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