Monday, 5th December, 2022

The camera store replied to me about the lens. Very unhelpful tbh. They might still turn out to be useful but they offer zero information, also they couldn’t possibly do anything until after Christmas.

As it’s a fixed hood the lens would need to go back either to Leica or a Leica specialist to get this sorted

All it makes me want to do is buy the part in America, screw the single screw in myself, and then sell it. I’ll see what they say as maybe they’ll cover some of the cost under the “warranty”. Given there are no published terms for this warranty I suspect the answer will be nothing whatsoever. Maybe they’d pay for the hood to be reattached, but a new one would be on me. That I wouldn’t mind.

Leica themselves said it would cost £250 if they did it with a new hood.

More ChatGPT fun.

Debating about Wordpress or not. 🧠💭😵 but then that makes me want to go off and find some obscure blog/site generator thing on Github that a random has built. Or some weird service like kinopio.

I did find this. A way to push github content to Neocities via actions. I’ve thought about keeping a random site on neocities, and this could help with deployment.

Even better is a tiddlywiki saver to neocities!

This rabbit trail has led to seeing a mkdocs theme that even caters for blogging…

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