Sunday, 5th June, 2022

I still don’t like Wordpress as my “official” blog. I really just want plain text. However, I’m not sure I can be bothered with Hugo or another Jekyll etc. site. I partially thinking about Dokuwiki…it uses plain text files underneath. Seems silly to have two wikis though, however, it’s more structured - or requires more structure than Tiddlywiki. Which makes me think it’ll be a good format for a “main” site. It also has some good blog plugins that make it pretty normal with regards to blogging. I do also have a soft spot for it. It might also be good to have a wiki integrated with a blogging site again.

There are probably other plain text CMS out there, which I might look into. Although I know I like Dokuwiki so why bother spending time looking for something else? The only thing is the format isn’t as easy to customise. So it tends to look like all other Dokuwikis. That doesn’t really matter - I quite like the look of it. It’s not zero effort to set it up though, so it may not happen.

I was using the X-T2 at the beach today, and I do enjoy the ease of auto focus, auto everything. Taking photos is the secondary activity to whatever we’re doing and I don’t have time to fiddle and faff. I have my presets ready and everything configured. Makes me think an upgrade of this is a much better investment than some full frame, or unnamed manual focus digital rangefinder. I know I can do it, as I’ve taken the film cameras with me but I don’t always want to have to do it. I also like value for money.

Speaking of which, I’ve spent a while looking at DACs, or DAC/Amp combos for the computer. Watching the Jubilee concert on TV last night whilst looking at endless reviews and forums on the iPad. It’s hard to choose. Even get to the stage of thinking “do I even need to bother?” The answer can easily be no. I’m still watching he Sony NW-A45/55 models on ebay - although this week they seem to sell for even higher prices than last week. The one I missed during the day as I’d clicked on the wrong link was a real bargain…oh well. Not actually sure I’ll listen to music elsewhere that’s not just Spotify on my phone and then streamed to a Bluetooth speaker (e.g. on holiday) or my Bluetooth headphones, and so then a dedicated player is pointless. Also I could just load FLAC onto my phone, get some app and a dongle and do it that way - probably a much better way and given the price and scarcity of dedicated players suggests that is what everyone else is doing.

I have some Nectar points, and ebay vouchers, so I want to buy it there, but that just adds another constraint to choosing. Particularly when there’s a listing which is half the price of the others - so seems suspicious - yet lists exactly the model and specs, BUT the other listings are much cheaper than buying direct from the manufacturer and show the same picture and details…all suspect. Ugh. Another thing to waste hours on. ⏰

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