Sunday, 31st July, 2022

Was browsing /r/M43 and thinking (again) that a MFT camera might actually be what I want. Of course the great photos on there are 99% the person and 1% the camera. So therefore I’m good getting one? 😅

I did think that for birds in flight it makes a good setup. My dad has mentioned he’s sort of interested in bird photography, so I think MFT would suit him. If my siblings are up for it, maybe we could get a setup for Christmas.

I just really like the tiny size but flexibility of interchangeable lenses. It complements a M10 well 😀

I started migrating my old blog posts from around the place - wordpress, old static site, etc. - to my new tiddlywiki home page. UGH. Images are so much easier in Wordpress…it’s depressing. I also think images make a blog post, and without it they’re “boring”. 🤷‍♂️

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