Friday, 7th January, 2022

So much Tinderbox fiddling today! Getting the hang of things in it now. Got working prototypes, agents, functions, autonaming things. Pretty nice. The two big items left are templates and export config. Templates I can mostly copy from this site and then figure out the export code. Probably a full evening job for this weekend. Once I get the basic site working I’ll tweak stuff but then return to the videos to pick up on more things.

Everyone is very helpful in the forums which is nice.

Finally did my first film development today! Took a bunch of photos of the setup and everything but too late to sort that out now. Bought a light table thing and an arm to mount my camera so I can take a better photo of it and convert it on the computer. Supposedly Rawtherapee has a decent negative convertor.

My first development of 4x5 sheet film, in fact of any film

At least the image could be seen but seems like there were lots of light leaks. Some where during development. The dark bathroom wasn’t actually that dark, but also on the bottom it seemed like the flap maybe got lifted up or perhaps during loading I let light in? Or maybe when in the camera? I’ll try loading again in the dark bag. Thinking of getting the SP-445 4x5 developer tank. It’s pricey at £100 but tray development was a pain. I could probably make the room darker - at least do the development at night and hang some towels or something over the door, but it would be much nicer doing it in the utility with a decent sink and standing space vs. kneeling on the floor for 15 mins counting beeps on my phone. The Dev IT app was ideal…apart from trying to start it. I guess I could’ve added more wash time for turning off the light etc.

Overall I’m pleased and am looking forward to doing it again. A few HP5 arrived today so might try 35mm next. Although scanning those will be much slower…unless I spend another £90 on some film holder thing.

Leaked Leica 11 photos and specs

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