Thursday, 27th January, 2022

On the list of cameras that I’d like to get but possibly never buy is the GR3 or GR3x. Well I may buy it but probably not until we go overseas somewhere. I thought I’d want the 40mm equivalent lens of the X, but I’m not convinced this type of camera works well with that focal length. The features like snap focus, macro and shooting from the hip in bright light are much more suited to the wider 28mm equivalent. I typically tend towards 35 mm equivalent, I often pick the 23mm on my fuji, and 40mm is closer to 35mm. However, 28mm isn’t really that much further away. Given the heritage of the GRs, it seems sensible to go with the 28mm eq. Plus it’s still APS-C 24 megapixel so you can crop!

But then would I use macro (no) or snap focus? Snap sounds good but I’ve never had a camera with it so not sure I’d learn or remember about it. Well I’ll add this to the list of decisions that I don’t really need to make but will still occasionally waste time thinking about it.

Speaking of decisions about buying things that I may not end up buying is a 90mm lens for the M2. The 90mm seems to be one of the few options where decent Leica lenses aren’t eye-wateringly expensive. The Elmarit-M, and the tele-elmarit-M are nice options. Not that many for sale and the prices seem to vary quite a bit. I’m not sure getting a 90mm is a good idea, as I may rarely use it but I think it could look good on film.

Whilst I’m on this subject there’s the ridiculous want to get a digital rangefinder…! But that’s just that. Ridiculous.

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