Tuesday, 23rd August, 2022

Life is short, shit can happen, does that mean I should buy a Leica now? I just worry that I want it as an object, not because it’ll be a great camera and let me take great photos. I think I will enjoy using it. Ugh. Will film supply shortages ever end and prices and availability will be “reasonable” again?

I like LrCC, but do I want to keep it forever and keep paying for it? I still don’t have a good alternative. I suppose LrC but I’m enjoying the simplicity of LrCC. It also stops me lying to myself that I’m happy doing all photo stuff on my ipad (in the scenario of Photos.app and iCloud). So there’s that. The problem is I want to replicate my website into LrCC’s ratings. I.e. have the past 7/8 years of albums trimmed to about 20 photos each. Really I don’t need to do that as we have printed albums up until about 2 years ago.

A camera store has a black M10-P and a type 4 50mm cron…been debating all day if I ask them what price would they do if I bought both. Whilst they’re lovely, it’s just such a huge amount to spend on a camera - for me anyway. I suppose no harm in asking but I also don’t want to mess them about if I’m not intent on buying. I do wonder if they’d take me more seriously if I was in-store vs. a random online. Whether a coincident or not, I will be visiting the town where this store is this coming weekend. I hadn’t planned to go in - it’s not really on my way or close to where I am but I could go. However, I’m still not sure.

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