Tuesday, 22nd November, 2022

I like TickTick’s task completion summary. I’m sure everything does this but this is the first time I’ve noticed it. I can set a date range and list or tags filter and it shows what I completed during that time. Makes a nicely formatted list that I can then copy and paste into an email for my boss each week. Today the CEO asked me to do something which probably took me 2 hours, so I added that task afterwards and ticked it off. Most likely by the end of the week I’d have forgotten about it, and there was only my sent email to remind me of it.

This could also be useful for myself at home and things I want to do. Should I ever write up monthly summaries or something.

The remote on our roku seems to have issues and drains the battery in hours. There’s nothing to do to fix it. I want to get an AppleTV to replace it, but they’re not cheap and 99% of the time it’s just playing Netflix or iPlayer etc. The Apple-ness is only really going to be Photos. Then that isn’t great unless I go for Apple storage as well to keep all the photos. Shared Albums are ok but photos are limited to 2048 pixels, which is perfectly fine when everyone is looking at them on their phone but not sure it looks that great on the TV.

I do have plex which has photos although not as good? Not sure, haven’t used it in a long time. I wonder how it would do if I pointed it at all my photos. I have it pointed at the folder with the photos for the static album. The web interface is fine, although sorting doesn’t work but I think that’s as I’ve processed some of the photos recently and so it gets confused on date taken? Pointed it to 2022’s photos and will see what it does….a lot of processing I suspect…

Anyway, in which case might as well get a device that the company is subsidising. Like Google Chromecast or Amazon fire stick as they can be had for next to nothing. Especially this week.

Amazon stick is probably even better as you can see Amazon Photos which I have backing up everything as it’s included in Prime.

However, the reason I’m on Roku is that it’s a nice independent system and doesn’t try and force paid for stuff on you. Which Amazon will most likely do. hmm…

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