Thursday, 24th November, 2022

Sister in law dropped her Apple Watch (that was for her birthday a few months ago) and it smashed. Apple will charge £190 to fix it. 😢 another reason why I like £10 Casio.

It arrived. 🔴 Courier was really late so I only fiddled with it for a bit last night. It’s heavy! About 100 g more than the M2, which was already a heavy camera. Now makes the M2 feel light!

There’s a big feeling of buyer’s remorse, and a strong desire to just send it right back. I’m pretty much on paragraph one.

It is amazingly simple. The menu is tiny compared to all other digital cameras I’ve used, and when you’re shooting it’s just the same as a film camera. I suppose I’ve been using an EVF for a long time now and the difference is noticeable.

I’ve taken two shots. One trying to focus the 50mm at f/1.4 with the rangefinder (I missed) and one using live view. Live view works really well though. Turn the focus on the lens and it zooms in and does peaking. A lot quicker than the same on my fuji. I don’t really want to use live view but it’s nice that it’s there.

I don’t like the leather strap it comes with.

I’ll take it with me this weekend and take lots of photos.

It also probably doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling a bit meh about photographing recently. Take the fuji, point and shoot, look at on computer then do something else. Not interested in editing, haven’t put them online, don’t really know what to do with them.

It looks good though 😅

Write by hand, and you’ll remember it better, I agree…until it’s 1/2/3…6…30 months later.

Federated book chatting.

I can’t decide what to do about my other blog. Sometimes I think about just deleting it. It causes me more angst than joy. I have some nice blog posts in it, but I never write in it. I much prefer writing here. I do like reading other people’s blogs and seeing all the things they get up to, so assume the same for mine. I just struggle to find the time or motivation to write things. I suppose I can just leave the blog and add to it whenever I feel like it. It’s not really going anywhere.

The M10P is a tricky one. I think a big part of what makes it tricky is that I’ve been taking a lot of nice photos of the kids with the Fuji X-E4 and the 35mm f/1.4. So then I ask myself, why not just use that? Instead of the …gulp… £5k I’ve dropped on the camera and 50mm lux. It is only day one, and I have about 14 before I can return it question free…the lens not so much, that I would have to sell. It is a very different camera. Very different, and I’m going to use it in different circumstances so maybe that’s okay. Let me try and write something positive on the blog - use it and get happy for this camera. Also taking photos of myself in the mirror in the evening isn’t exactly the test I’m looking for.

My kids like taking photos with the cameras and I’ll gladly hand it to them, but this? Now I’m not so sure. They’re generally careful but sometimes when they’re done they’ll “drop” it on the floor. It’s not quite a drop but it’s not placed down nicely. The upside to the silver m10p (and partially whilst I chose it) is that generally everyone will think it’s my film camera and so not worry.

I also tell myself that it’s not that expensive…some people buy Teslas or Porsches etc.

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