Friday, 26th August, 2022

I cancelled my Adobe cloud subscription. I have two days left of the free trial but decided I don’t need it. What I need is the habit of using something to manage my photos, rate them and then upload to my site. I don’t need LrCC, or the cloud storage. It’s nice but unnecessary. The adobe portfolio is nice too but I like my static site as it has all the old albums in it going back 6 years or so.

I also have LrC that I’ve paid for and can use. It does everything LrCC does and probably more, its UI is busier but I just need to learn what I want to use. It does the job and I should just not be so lazy.

Took my film through the airport security. I asked them to hand check it and they were fine, although looked at it strangely. Possibly he’d not seen film in a very long time! I don’t have much left (although 10 rolls of HP5+ in the post now) so just have three with me. I plan to use it all and may even just post it off so I don’t have to fly back with it. My airport is small and quiet but on the way back it’s from a London one and I worry that the busyness of it could be more of a hassle.

My suitcase was light with clothes but my hand luggage was heavy with cameras, iPad, laptop…! The M2 is a weight. I only have the pancakes for the X-E4 (27 and 18). I do have the adapter for the M mount lenses too, and it all fits nicely in a little lowepro bag. I only let myself take what fits in there, so I have to decide!

Does that mean I can’t buy anything to bring back? 😅

It’s going to be a busy weekend and absolutely zero time to debate blogs, cameras, websites, notebooks etc. Glorious! 🤩

Will be seeing family that I’ve not seen in…years…hopefully all good. I do get to see my cousin who’s 15-17? who I sent my Minolta X-700 to as she was supposedly starting a photography course at college. Sounds like she’s been having some difficulties in life, so I hope we can talk about photography and connect a little.

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