Friday, 11th November, 2022

I’ve been away from blogs for a while and haven’t setup the ghost ghost blog. However, when I do look at the ghost one I have, I like the look and ease of use of it. I made a self portraits page and it was so easy. I spent some time looking for the photos but then just dragged and dropped into the editor. If it were a static I just would’ve bothered. It wouldn’t be much more work but enough that I won’t do it.

I have several draft posts in various states of draft in my current blog but they’re never getting written at this rate. Mostly as (to me) they rely on the photos to make them work, and so I just don’t do it as I’d always rather be doing something else.

At some stage I’ll sort it all out…

That M10-R on ebay sold. Now I regret not buying it? Before I had a choice, now I don’t and I don’t like tit (even if I’m never going to chose to buy it). I read too many “-R is so much better and worth it” posts. I should search for “M10 is perfect and all you need” psots instead. Still a sucker for the nice looks of the -P.

Need a new light table thing now. It’s hard not buying the same one, as when it worked it was great, but then it did fail so that’s not a good sign.

I respect technical excellence, clever solutions, details in design, efficient, smart solutions but bosses only ever want things delivered on schedule. You can craft great solutions or you could pay someone else to do something dumb but works and the manager would praise the one that happened first.

Had a rage into my work log today. There is a theme and I knew what it was. It’s just sad seeing it when I look back at what I’ve written.

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