Friday, 22nd July, 2022

I’ve been taking my Hobonichi back and forth to work, but I’ve yet to write anything in it. I keep thinking about writing things in it but then never do. My half year one is entirely Japanese and whilst I thought it was okay, it’s a bit annoying for day names when I’m looking in the future. I’ll keep bringing it and maybe eventually I’ll write in it.

Spent a while looking at the Lumix S5 last night. It’s a nice full frame camera, but being full frame means the lenses are still huge, even when they’re small. I don’t need it.

Feel like I need to write a lot tonight. Lots of things buzzing about in my head. Also the office has become a tip whilst I’ve not been looking, so that doesn’t help. Needs tidying and stuff is laying around because “I’m going to do xyz with it”.

I actually want to watch the final episode of Strange Things. I watched the other episodes in part 2 of this season but the finale is 2+ hours long. That’s basically the evening.

Work has rolled out a new development planning module thing in the performance management tool. Started filling it in…I feel like it’s going to tell me I don’t want to work there any more! 😅 It’s good but not easy to answer the questions…I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

I sent a letter to a family member a while back with a photo and a sticker I had made. They wrote a letter back. That was nice. I should write some more. I want to write them on the typewriter but it’s a bit loud and slow, so probably will still be pen. Problem is, this is then another todo which adds to the enormous list already….remember those projects from…Monday this week!…I can feel them slipping away already. That also reminds me of the habits I’d started before holiday which were going to be “easy to continue on holiday because I’m not doing anything”. Well this is me just remembering their existence now…and obviously I did nothing. The rowing machine I was going to buy when we came back is on hold as the garage has also exploded. I don’t really know what it all is, but I can barely find space for my bike now. Ugh. Maybe can sort all this out this weekend and feel content again.

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