Monday, 24th October, 2022

My “essential film holder” has finally shipped. That means I can scan that roll of HP5 I developed a few weeks ago and actually look at the images. I should figure out the conversion tool I’m using tonight so that I can get straight on with it tomorrow.

I was going to develop the rolls I took on holiday, but the utility room where I do it is piled high with stuff, and I don’t want to tidy it…or get accused of spilling things on it. I think I still have a apprehension of developing, as whilst I don’t start, nothing has gone wrong. I don’t know why, it’s kind of easy if you just follow the instructions. I even left a little bit of leader out to make it easier to start rolling it onto the spool.

Maybe I will go and do it…

Got macOS running in a virtual machine on my server last night. The repo made it very easy, so not like I can claim to be smart about it. Tempted to use it for, (and maybe even tinderbox! (unlikely)), to once again manage my photos on iCloud. I did like it when I did it. I just didn’t like have more computers. I’ve thought about getting a macbook to replace my laptop, so at least it’s not a net increase in computers. Just it’s quite expensive and I don’t really need or use a laptop that much. I could get a mac mini to sit under the desk and switch to it or even VNC into it. That is maybe better but still seems excessive just for managing Photos. I’m not ready to commit to just a mac as our main desktop. I have thought about an iMac for the kitchen as a “family” computer, but not sure my wife would agree that we need another computer and in the kitchen. Or I could try using the VM or my iPad. Technically I can upload from too.

Trying to buy old Lego sets on ebay for daughter’s christmas present is a PITA. Why did I volunteer for this job!

Made my parents a financial spreadsheet with the aim of letting them see when they can retire and when they can move close to us. They say they want to stop working by 60 and to move near us, yet then do things which, to me, is the opposite of that. Like doing more remodels on their house, vs. cutting their mortgage by 3 years. 🤷

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