Tuesday, 2nd July, 2024

Spent ages faffing around with a new allstarlink setup and couldn’t get it working. Turns out it uses kernel modules and you can’t have those in a LXC. Then had a really weird issue with a webUI that was working perfectly, I seemingly do nothing, then it stops working. Eventually I figure out how to force reinstall on Debian and it’s fine again.

Did a speed test with my router where it’s one cable between incoming fiber ONT to router to computer. Get the same speeds as the rest of the network. For some reason the download isn’t as high as upload. Getting 650/950. Boo hoo right? But the router reports 950/950 all the time and I don’t believe it. A neighbour has the same connection and did the same test and got 930/930. I just know if I call them up it’ll be ages of stupid tech support before I get anywhere decent, and I can’t be bothered with that.

It just meant another night of bed at midnight when I wanted to go earlier.

Went to the hackspace this evening, and finally filled in the membership form to join. I think they only have about 11 or 12 actual members (who pay a fee), and I suspect if I show any sign of willing to do things, I’ll be on the committee! Which won’t be a bad thing. I’m still quiet and testing out the place, and always feel like a visitor in someone’s house waiting to be offered a seat. I mostly go for a social, although this evening I did finally program my handheld radio the frequencies of about 8 FM satellites…so I’m one step closer to actually working them.

I listened to the latest Darknet diaries podcast about Tornado cash and Axie infinity hack. I’d heard of it before but it was interesting hearing more details about it. It got me back into thinking about the privacy stuff. Maybe back in 2012-ish I was obsessed with it, and went full everything. PGP, open source, self-hosted, etc. but it became an uphill struggle and I couldn’t be bothered to keep it all up. Now I wonder if there’s another way, but also am I too late, in that there’s lots of stuff online about me, that I’ve put there. I don’t know…I also don’t care enough to do it all either…Maybe also going to the hacker space where there are several people who, even at the hacker space in person, are only known by an alias. I do have some privacy already by the fact my name is shared with a member of parliament and a professor who are local.

I think all I really need to do, is remove photos of me, and make my address less obvious. I don’t need to completely disappear and have no presence or no known presence. Then there’s LinkedIn…

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