Sunday, 30th June, 2024

Remember when I got mad at the lawnmower and said I was going to buy an electric one, but then fixed my gas one and so decided it was fine for now. Well I had that whole experience again today. Probably if I buy a new carb it’ll be better as the current one is quite rusty/scaly which probably accelerates formation of new scales and blocks stuff. Although I’m quick at cleaning it now, even if I do get petrol everywhere.

Fitted a small area of jigsaw floor pads in the garage where the workbench and radio is. Makes such a big difference. Also tidied further. Server is all setup now and is living in the garage. Need to tidy up under the office desk where it used to live.

Now I have two computers which could be for something. Possibly a small one for games in the office, maybe with intel iGPU or if I can find a cheap low profile card to fit. Annoyingly whilst it has space for a two pci cards, the 16x is on the outside, and so many double width GPUs won’t fit. Maybe that’s good as saves me from spending a fortune on it.

Won a remote ATU for radio. Now I have to buy that 12m fibreglass telescopic pole…

I just read through the posts here on the website. Was nice to do and not done that in ages. Also looked at the Archives and I’m only a month away from 3 years here. Well not quite here exactly, but Fondoftea. It started as tiddlywiki, but I converted all the tiddlers to entries after I set this site up.

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