Saturday, 29th June, 2024

I took the camera with me this morning, given I’ve not used it in ages. Came to use it and the battery was flat. Great. I suppose the M2 never goes flat.

There’s a section of woods near us that had jumps people made with logs to go over on bikes. The kids liked cycling on them. We went there this morning and the whole area has been cut down. It was very disheartening. Can’t imaging what it would be like in areas of huge deforestation. We have controlled forest across much of Scotland that are grown and cut but not usually in residential areas.

So we went to the skate park. 🛹

Been watching the fourth season of True Detective. It wasn’t too weird by the end. Worth watching.

Still debating about tiddlywiki as my new radio blog. Probably leaning towards not but maybe I’ll work on it first then decide. I had thought about putting notes in it as well, but then why not use the wiki I already have…but equally, why not use the blog I already have.

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