Friday, 28th June, 2024

Here we are. Classic me. “Perhaps I didn’t need to upgrade the server”… that’s always true. I do really like the case, I like that all the storage is consolidated into one machine. I like proxmox, although still figuring it all out. I need to migrate the other services across then I can put it away under the desk properly. It just uses more power than the old server (50W idle vs 20W).

I also like how I’ll have another computer which can be for other places. I’m also slowing setting up home assistant to “do it right” vs. randomly adding things and making it half baked. Although as I didn’t restore from a backup I don’t have all the historical data. Wonder if it’s possible just to migrate data…

I should be glad I bought used and not new.

Bit windy and risk of being wet today but think I’ll still go out to a radio summit. Otherwise I’ll just sit on the puter all day, and I’ve got all evening for that.

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