Thursday, 27th June, 2024

I didn’t do anything with the server last night. Instead I watched an episode of The X files. Specifically, Jose Chung’s From Outer Space. Season 3. It’s such a quirky episode. I want to watch some more now.

Started rejigging the server internals for “storage mode” and will hopefully get all the drives over tonight and maybe install proxmox.

All this started from wanting to run Home Assistant OS, as this has all the functionality vs running it in a container. Anyway, nearly there now. Debating what to do with the current server and the old one. Maybe a radio pc or maybe for the boys to play on. Or I could upgrade the old server to a newer Ryzen computer for …some purpose. Probably I’ve spent enough on computers just now.

Debating about a new antenna setup in the garden. It does mean committing to poles and things strapped to the house. I know this will cause comments, and potentially more. Feels like I’ve been constantly buying things too. Weirdly (and worryingly?) May’s expenses equalled our income to the nearest pound.

I would like an alternative portable antenna but that also needs another pole.

Still not sure about that radio I bought for portable. It is really good, but I don’t make the most of it. Thinking I should get a portable battery and then just use my old radio. It’ll be heavier but not that bad.

All this new server stuff has kept me away from looking at blogging software. Probably a good thing.

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