Monday, 24th June, 2024

Tidied the garage last night and rearranged ready for inverter and battery install. I went from “having no more space” to several free shelves and even the ones I used weren’t super optimised. Only thing without a home is the set of ladders. I’d prefer not to keep them outside, even thought they’ll probably be fine, but there isn’t anywhere good for them to go. Unless I figure out some wall mounting solution.

I won a used motherboard off eBay for a reasonable price. Looked in excellent condition. Then I just bought new ram, psu and CPU cooler as I couldn’t be bothered to wait for them on eBay. New stuff will arrive today, and mobo probably tomorrow or Wednesday. Then will see if they all play nicely together.

The new CPUs were confusing as to what’s what and expensive. My used mobo and cpu was £140, and a new CPU is £170+. It’s also going to be a server that sits and ticks over most of the time

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

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