Sunday, 2nd June, 2024

I spent ages last night marking up the house drawing with panel configurations. Probably can only fix 6 on the main roof as any more and you start to get too close to edges of other roof parts. Not sure if it’s something they can try when up on the roof fitting the connectors but probably too late at that stage. Maybe I was too harsh on the electrician (not that he knows!) but now I’ve done it myself I feel satisfied that we’re not missing out on a better solution.

Using easypv website is very helpful as it tells me prices and things to consider, plus it does a nice schematic. My decision on DC vs AC coupled battery is still to be made but I do think the extra cost of AC might not be worth it for me. Trying to ask people questions on the /r/SolarUK subreddit to gauge what’s best. Also think going for 80:20 is perfectly fine. It’s probably more like 95:5 and that 5% is driving me to extreme solutions.

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