Saturday, 1st June, 2024

Had an electrician around for solar and storage. Also chased up two other companies I’d phoned on Monday.

Everyone, and I guess not surprising, wants to do the least effort job, ie the one that means not contacting the power network operator (DNO). They also want to use google maps to size the array. Which is fine and a good way to do things but I got the feeling that it was “here’s a good enough solution, that’ll do.” I’m perhaps unusual in that whilst cost is important it’s not the be all and end all. Application to the DNO will cost money but so what. I also do my own economic modelling, which I guess most people don’t.

When I tell them I have 30 minute variable tariff they look blank at me.

Anyway, I just need to get a couple to come round and then I can convince them I’m serious and move towards what I want. Which is likely to be more expensive than their base design and they’ll be interested as means they’ll earn more? I dunno. Anyway, repeated nagging is needed.

I just need to figure out what it is I actually want 😅

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