Tuesday, 21st May, 2024

I’ve not filled in DayOne all May, and the longer I leave it the harder it feels to restart it. I always want to go back and fill in the days I’ve missed but I know that I’ll never do it. At best I should just add photos from my phone and let it make a new day’s entry for it, even if I write nothing associated with the photo.

I opened it up just now and added today and the weekend. It’s never that hard to do once I open the app and it doesn’t need to be much, just a sentence or two will still be enjoyable to read later on.

It was this culture/diversity thing at work today and in the cafe they had some stalls with food from various countries to try. It was nice but I’m not sure the random mixture of things is agreeing with me. Should’ve just stuck with the sushi and not the random Polish, Turkish, and Greek things I ate as well.

We have a family wedding this week and a big drive to get there. My mum is very excited by it but I really cba with it. It’s my family so my wife doesn’t care either, she was half hoping her work wouldn’t let her take the time off but alas, they did!

I always seem to find people who like things I do but already have everything great. Be it cameras, radios, computers, whatever, there’s always someone who already has x, y, z thing and tells you how great it is. So now I want to buy x, y and z. The main difference is that they’ve probably acquired all the stuff over many years, and not trying to buy it all at once.

I was eyeing a handheld radio to take with me up mountains, a 2m/70cm one which is just for local contacts. Probably £200 used. One I was watching sold today on ebay then I thought I should’ve bought it. If I’m honest, I don’t need it. I already have two handhelds! One is simple, light and cheap - but works - the other is a bit heavier and is feature packed but complicated to use. I should just learn how to use the complex one because it does the same, in fact more, than the one I was looking at on ebay. It just didn’t have a fancy touch screen. Really I need to get a better antenna for my HT and then I could make some more contacts…or at least hear the locals better when I do call.

I need to make a list (or a new one) of radio stuff I want to do, as I keep flitting between things online and then never doing anything. This pretty much applies to all sorts…

Back on the Lego train design again. Picked up a cheap engine on ebay from a Lego set that’ll do as the driver, and trying to design/build cheap rolling stock. I like the wagons, the wood cars and containers. It’s just find a build that’s not too many parts but interesting and so we can have a nice long train. Maybe 6-8 carriages. The usual games of sellers on Bricklink and trying to figure out the best combination of stuff. A seller in Thailand currently has free shipping to UK if you spend over $100. They have loads of cheap parts, but not necessarily the ones I want! It’s a big time sink going through all those parts and stores and then designs and going back to the start of the design and tweaking it to make it less expensive…except then it changes the optimal combination of stores and so the cycle repeats all night.

Although I should go back to the hacker space tonight, to hang out there. I can look at trains and parts whilst just sat around with everyone, or poke though the stuff again. See if I get as excited as last time and agree to sign up and pay the membership fees.

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