Friday, 10th May, 2024

My new radio fad has already faded.

I ordered some secondhand track from a bricklink seller back in the 20th of April. He took over a week before posting due to “moving warehouse”, but they still haven’t arrived. I keep thinking “this weekend we’ll build the big track” but no. Messaged him today asking for tracking. It can’t be a scam as it was only £9 of track.

Should’ve just ordered 50 knock offs from Aliexpress for £15. Might still do that.

In fact they have huge train sets on there for £25. Can barely buy a carriage in parts for that with legit Lego. No one will care except me and do I really? I bought €15 of stickers for the Maersk train that I feel like I’m never going to build as I’m not sure I want to spend £200 on it.

Hoping to find some deals on eBay on used Lego trains. There have been a couple of pieces. Maybe I should low ball them and see if they bite with a counteroffer. But there’s no theme to it other than random stuff.

I wanted to not waste my whole evening on the computer faffing about, but guess what.

Lovely weather forecast for this weekend though.

Do I have a short attention span? Is that why I constantly find new things I want to buy.

Is working part time going to quell my purchasing habits…or am I going to bail on the idea.

Have been thinking about 0.9 instead and making use of the flex day scheme to earn an extra day via slightly longer working. Means I’ll get 3 days a month for the price of 2 vs. 4 days for the price of 4. Seems better value.

Supposed to be maximum aurora here tonight. I’ll go outside before bed and see if I can tell. Probably too much light pollution here.

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