Wednesday, 1st May, 2024

May 4th Lego is doing a promo week on Star Wars lego. I like Star Wars but I don’t actually like Star Wars lego. It’s just 9000 pieces of grey. Anyway, they often do a “spend over £x and get a free set” and so they’re doing one for star wars week. So I put off ordered the powered up hubs and train motors until today. I found that the controllers are super cheap used but the others either aren’t available used or the same price as new. This did mean I was short of the spend limit, so I added a minifig for the kids and me. I also used our work website thing to get discounted gift cards so I save 8% on the price. Go all through this and buy it, then think “there was no promo in my cart, I hope I wasn’t meant to add it”. Turns out you only get the free set if you spend it the amount on Star Wars lego sets…Ah well.

I now just need to decide what train(s) we’re going to build next. I’ve got the knock off Maersk one, my cutise unikitty one for the girls, or something else I’ve yet to decide upon.

Instead of wasting all evening on the computer I decided to do 5km on the rowing machine. Turns out I’ve not used that since November 2022! 😬 My hands sure know that. The usual inertia to actually get going but then once you do it’s not that bad. I decided to watch this YouTube video, which is 80s synth over the top of scenes of the TGV in France. I guess that’s my life.

Now I want a TGV lego train. There was a set which was based upon the TGV, and people have modified it to look more like it. It is very similar to the passenger train we do have, so seems like it should be further down the list of trains I should get.

I was thinking it would be fun to rent some small office space, where I could setup computers, radio, lego trains, work bench, all that stuff but just one big, indoors floor space. But I bet it’s way more money than I want to spend, and a complete hassle.

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