Tuesday, 30th April, 2024

I’ve been spending ages each evening designing Lego trains in Studio. It’s quite fun and once you get to know some of the bricks’ names it’s not too slow to make things. Then there’s trying to do the colour scheme and find bricks of the right shape and size that also come in the colour you want. I’m meant to be designing a train to order and build but I’m never done. There are always tweaks and adjustments I want to do, then I go off and look at other people’s models and get new ideas. It’s a whole activity in itself. Tomorrow Lego.com start a Star Wars promo, so I should order the train motors and controller things from there and get the promo kit. That might then encourage me to commit and order them.

I did order the stickers for our freighter build. It’s essentially a clone of the Maersk set from a few years ago but using a slightly different colour blue. Which I think looks better than the trademarked Maesrk blue. However, I’m not not sure I like the look of the engines. Then I remembered it’s not OR but AND…and so if I want to design a new freight train - probably a UK one vs. a US one - then I can still do that. I also got some Docker stickers to put on the containers the train pulls….gettit…😅

I ordered a load of tracks from a seller, who had them at a great price. Well that was over a week ago and they’ve still not shipped. He did eventually reply and say that he’ll ship them Monday (yesterday) but he’s not updated on Bricklink and so I’m not convinced. I still want the order as they’re a good deal but this is getting annoying. I was hoping we were going to have them for this weekend just gone to setup a new layout, and now I doubt they’ll even turn up in time for this weekend coming.

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