Saturday, 27th April, 2024

Managed to dismantle and clean out the carburetor on the lawn mower today. Once I figured out how to disconnect the choke, just following along with the Honda youtube videos, it was quite easy. The whole thing was full of scale and just needed a good clean. Mower worked good as new, and nothing looks better than a freshly mowed lawn. Wife bought some plants today too, so now there’s some more colour as well.

Still want to get an electric mower, but now there’s no urgency.

We all built a new train layout this morning, two ovals with a connector betweeen them. Meant we could run two trains at the same time. Still investigating what other trains we want to build. This mostly invovles watching too many youtube videos and browsing rebrickable. People make incredible designs. Found some nice mods for the passenger train we have, add that to the list of things to do. I do want to buy another set so we can have 4 carriages and an engine at each end so it looks realistic. I just know it’ll be a difficult purchase to explain!

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