Sunday, 21st April, 2024

Tried cutting the lawn yesterday but the mower didn’t start after being in the garage or winter. I mess around with it for awhile I couldn’t get it. I’m guessing there’s a bit of fuel that’s dried or blocked up somewhere in it but I’m not sure I can figure out how to clean it. What’s annoying is today it’s now raining so yesterday would’ve been the best day to cut it.

I also get really annoyed with gas powered mowers just want to get rid of it and get an electric one. Perhaps when I get this sorted out I’ll sell it and get one as I thought would be annoying but I wouldn’t be certainly a lot less annoying than the moment not starting, but there’s also quite a few with chargeable lithium batteries. A guy at work recently got one with lithium batteries, it does his whole lawn with one charge, and his lawn is probably bigger than mine. The only thing is is little bit pricey.

I ordered a boatload of Lego track pieces off bricklink last night but cheap though getting used parts and also found some software where you can design your own track so I made a double loop one looks quite fun. I think I said it before but Lego trains is an absolute rabbit hole and the stuff people do it insane which is suppose isn’t surprising given this Lego and trains.

I really want the 9 V system because that just runs off mains and not messing with batteries and the trains go backwards or forwards without any fancy arrangement because it just changes the polarity of the voltage however as it’s not made anymore it’s quite expensive.

My experiment of using the voice input on my phone is fine…until I re-read my posts. Sorry! They’re gibberish!

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