Wednesday, 24th January, 2024

Using a bulk domain whois searcher I’ve determined there are three two letter .is domains available. This is interesting as .is don’t charge more for two letter domains, whereas a lot of other TLDs do as they’re “premium”.

I’m slightly annoyed I missed out on my initials by about 4 months since it was first registered (or re-reg’d if it expired).

They’re not particularly inspiring domains but they are only four letters.

But what am I going to use it for…? My own url shortening service? meh. A completely anonymous blog where I can write anything and fear nothing? I don’t need more blogs.

I just want it for the novelty, but I know I’ll pay for a year, do nothing with it, then let it expire and think that was €35 well spent…

I’d be much better off getting I could actually use it for email, and my website and family might use it (probably won’t). Could do fun things like

The next problem is what do I do with my current main domain? It’s quite short but it’s specific to me and whilst fine for a website, and okay for email it’s not that great. But I’ve had it ages so I should keep it. It’s generally my username in social places.

I don’t need more domains. If I were to get one then is most useful. 😶‍🌫️

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