Tuesday, 2nd January, 2024

Bought the Fuji 18-55mm. Turns out I had some nectar points for extra vouchers on eBay, so that worked out well. I missed having this lens for videoing all the kids nativity and singing things before Christmas, so now I’m prepared.

Next thing to figure out is how and where to take nice portraits of the family when they come. Lighting is the biggest issue.

Miserable weather here. ☔️

Family might be going to see Wonka, so I’ll get some quiet time at home. Wonder how best I can waste that time.

One of the twins said we need more computers to play Minecraft and Roblox with, as his sister wants to play Roblox and he wants to play Minecraft. Now I need more computers 😅

I spent all evening faffing about with Apple Shortcuts on my iPad. It’s a really nice toolset, and creative people can make amazing things.

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