Friday, 29th December, 2023

The kids stood on the bathroom scales screen and broke it. It just pushed the plastic cover onto the dial. How hard could it be to fix?

In the end it was okay but after a lot of learning. And swearing. The hard part is the four springs that attach the two sides, top and bottom, together. I used string around the springs and threaded it through the holes and pulled them into place. It reads slightly heavy now, even when zeroed properly. More encouragement that way.

My wife does not like the new office chair. I love it. My conclusion…buy a new laptop. 💻

Not sure if I really will, but in the interim it’s fun to think about and watch videos on. There’s the usual scope creep of starting with the base model and knowing it’ll be fine, to ending up looking at Mac Pro M3 Pro. It’s a Pro. Each $200 increment doesn’t seem like much until it’s £1000 more than you first started with. The sensible Mac option is M2 16GB RAM, but the actual sensible option is some refurb thinkpad.

So will come back to that one later.

Debating about using Kirby for my main site. I’ve always wanted to have a full site, ie more than just a blog, with photo albums and other things as part of it. More than just pages and posts. I could do that right now with the static blog but I’ve never yet. I’m so lazy when it comes to adding images to blog posts. It’s probably the reason I like this site the most, I never bother or deal with images. Just text. I’ve tried using a webCMS thing for static sites but they’ve never been great. Just not sure if I want to learn something else.

I thought about dokuwiki again, and how I could combine the wiki, blog and things all together into a single site. Even personal stuff as well under ACL. I could do that with Tiddlywiki too. There’s no learning, unless I want to not have the wiki style look of them. 🤔 been here before.

I might put that to one side and play about with some new looks for the site…wherever it may end up.

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