Thursday, 28th December, 2023

Started doing the futureland life plan questions. Gosh it’s hard to answer them.

Question 1. “What is the one thing you most want to improve?”. My ability to answer lifeplan style questions?

The fundamental problem I have with Apple computers, which I’ve always had and why I’ve only ever bought one mac computer (which was a macbook air in about 2012 that I managed to get via the old student discount scheme, that was even cheaper if you were logged in from a university machine - not today’s “verified” by Unidays and basically the same price as a the employee discount [of which you can just google a link and it works]). Is the price. I get you’re paying for the whole appliance and generally the build quality is much nicer with better screen and trackpad etc. but the idea of dropping circa £1000 on a laptop that I just casually want is not easy. Which does bring me back to the mini as it’s more “reasonable”.

Back to my life questions…

I played some Switch Adventure Ring fit (or whatever it’s called), was fun and tiring! Especially some arm muscles I clearly never use.

I then saw Tinderbox 9.7 has been released, even with $5 off the renewal price this weekend to celebrate. I’m tempted…even though I can’t actually run it right now 😅

Because I keep hoping Phil updates one of his sites at some point, I started clicking on the random button on his wiki. This lead me to watching a video about importing Drafts notes into Tinderbox, via Apple Script. I love it. I then start imaging various elaborate systems to write stuff.

What is Tinderbox?

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