Wednesday, 27th December, 2023

Wife and I went for Afternoon tea at the local fancy hotel - without the kids! We talked about what holidays and trips we need to figure out for 2024. We needed the paper calendar to write it all down and see it, but thought people might find that a bit odd.

I think I need more devices…in the holidays when everyone is off it’s quite possible that the main computer, a laptop, the switch, and my iPad are all being used by someone else. It does leave a TV, the radio shack computer, and maybe the xbox depending on how the switch is being used. I’m then left wondering what I’m doing. Perhaps reading a book would be the best answer, but that’s not what I want. For a while now I’be been swithering about a mac mini. It’s nice, yes, but it would also sit by the main computer (sharing monitor and maybe keyboard and mouse but that’s still to be figured out) and so useless if someone else is on the computer. Although I suppose I could VNC into it. Oh, in fact that was probably going to be the main way I used it as it saves faffing with keyboard and mouse. It’ll have the ability to be used natively.

I randomly looked through the archives and saw that I’d left of a ) from a link and it was rendered correctly, so I fixed it, and then saw myself talking about a mac mini. So a while is in fact a year.

So now I’m wondering if a mac laptop would be better…laptop so that I can use it wherever, and mac because I still want to use, DayOne and maybe some other mac things (Tinderbox? - probably will never happen but you know). However, these are more expensive…so I went looking at used macs on ebay. I’m drawn to the 2015-2017 12” MacBook.

I remember going into BestBuy when we lived in the states and admiring them. So tiny and thin. They keyboard was like typing on stickers on a piece of metal…so not sure about that. It makes me think of using an iPad but with the freedom of a full OS (maybe that’s a bad thing!). The only issue is that they’re old now, 6-8 years, and I don’t think they get OS updates anymore (ugh that annoys me) and I think they’re quite slow due to the tiny m intel cpu inside. If I were lucky I could find a top spec one for not much more than the going rate. They are cheap, and if I’m just typing then that’s fine. Although, if I’m just typing then why do I need a mac book. I could just remote into the mac mini from any old laptop, if I really wanted to edit DayOne or whatever.

Also, I should just read a book. Goodness knows I have many I’ve not touched.

So after all that…? nothing has really changed.

I’ve spent hours on the internet tonight…just browsing stuff, with a million tabs open. Feels overwhelming, like there are so many things to do.

This thread makes me want to use dynalist. Even though it’s not been updated in about 2 years and probably never will given they’re working on Obsidian. It does still work, and you get quite a lot for free. It’s still my go to place for list of things because they’re right there and I can’t lose them. Plus I share my wishlist with my wife at Christmas time. I enjoy outliners.

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