Tuesday, 26th December, 2023

We bought our daughter the Switch Ring Fit Adventure. She tried it out this morning, and I asked her how it was “who knew Switch time could be so tiring!”. It does look fun, I might give it a go later. There’s lots of “story” chat which is a bit boring but she likes it.

Got the new TV to setup still, I was thinking it was going in the playroom for the consoles but my wife wants it in the lounge for watching TV. That probably does make more sense, although not sure what to do with the consoles now, perhaps I’ll move them through. The TV also has a satellite f connector, which means I can hook it up to the dish and get free channels through it. We’ve never bothered with it and just use on demand services, but now I might. Our house has sat cables in every room and a central box where they all meet but nothing is labelled and it’s a mess. Probably take me a whole evening to find the right cables.

I’ll do the lounge one first, as I can measure the DC voltage from the TV, and then just plug it into the others ones until a signal appears…hopefully!

Can’t decide what I want to do with photos website, if I should even have one at all.

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