Thursday, 21st December, 2023

I was up for the 6am swimming training drop off. Normally my wife does it as she’s also coaching but she wasn’t this morning. I kept waking up in the night thinking it must be time to go, then I’d look at my watch and it was 2am, 3am, 4am …. I feel okay just now but I’m sure by this afternoon I’ll be done. 🥱

This week at work seems the busiest in ages. I wrote a full page of todos on Monday, and I think I’m about half way through one…I’ve ended up doing other things. Today is my last day of work and I have no idea what to pick to do. Probably some other tasks that aren’t on my list.

I ordered the new desk chair to be delivered to the post office so I could pick it up on the way home. I also ordered two stools and did them as separate orders as together they wouldn’t do post office delivery. It’s disconcerting that I only have a notification for one of the deliveries. It doesn’t really matter, and will get sorted out somehow but just more chores for the list. 📋

Thinking about the TV, and how could I get it home, wrap it and hide it somewhere so we can bring it out on Christmas Day and say Santa bought us a TV! The hiding it part is the tricky one. Maybe I can get it into the attic but not sure the opening is big enough.

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