Wednesday, 20th December, 2023

Not long until I make a whole new year folder on this site!

I’m curious about futureplan life plan thing but I have to pay $10 for a subscription to even see what it is. So I’m just going to remain curious. Here’s their guide to writing it. I’d like to do it…maybe…although probably all the questions are too hard to answer. And am I really going to do anything 😅

I realised I have no photo editing software now. Lightroom CC sub has expired, my Lightroom classic, which I have a key too, has somehow upgraded itself and now I need to pay for it. I guess I could install some open source options or I might still have Capture One Express key somewhere (before they pull the plug on that).

Close to buying a TV to pick up tomorrow…a cheap one, i.e. not OLED. But what I don’t know, can’t hurt me, so there’s that.

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