Tuesday, 19th December, 2023

Managed 126 days in DayOne this year. Not great but better than 125.

My aunty always sends a Christmas letter with her card, giving family updates. This year is her last one as her kids are all grown up now, and that was the reason for starting them. Wish I’d kept all the old ones now. I shall have to write to her.

Been thinking about the dreaded New Year’s resolutions…I can just use last year’s…

Eventually I’ll buy a Mac mini and shut up going on about it.

I feel like my Smart Keyboard for my ipad is becoming less and less reliable. I’ll blame that on my kids using my iPad, but perhaps I should be the one to remove the keyboard so that they don’t kid-handle it. I’ve said this before but it’s one of my most favourite keyboards. I could type on it for hours and hours and not have any issues. I also like it’s pretty quiet, and I take it with me to offsite meetings (Espeically when I’m traveling from home directly there as I don’t take my work laptop home with me) and I can use it to record notes during the meeting without making a racket. It’s the exact opposite of a mechanical keyboard, and after all the years I obsessed over them, it’s quite ironic that this is the one I really like. There was one for sale recently for about £40, and I thought about buying it as spare.

I’ve only casually glanced, but I wonder if the new apple ipad keyboards are as good as this one. For when, one day, I decide I need to get a new iPad. I know there are several and it depends on what model ipad you have.

I sat down at the bureau the other day and realised that there are no pens in it. There’s a million other things but no pens. This needs sorting out, although I don’t want to take pens from somewhere else in the house as then what would I do in those locations…I should move my fountain pen here as I never use it anywhere else.

I was tidying my office tambour unit (that’s a little set of drawers with a seat on top…I never knew until the facilities manager emailed us when we were doing office moves and called them that) and I found an old notebook in there. It would be my one before last and there was a period of time when I was using a fountain pen. It made me wonder what happened to that pen and why I stopped using it. I used to use a fountain pen every day at work and nothing else.

The bureau is also missing a coaster for my tea mug. Right now I’m using the Casio FX-730P “personal computer” as one. Tbh it’s the most use I’ve got from it since I bought it on ebay.

Dave Winer is a funny character but I do like his blog layout. Not sure I’m bothered about his RSS feed, but the daily blog with and without headers, links to each paragraph, little images, a separate page for links of that day. It’s a good combination, but one you don’t see very much. The default blogging setup isn’t at all like that.

Jack’s blog is (re?)building up to a good layout too.

I keep talking about writing letters to people, and I think that I should get out the typewriter or even my pen (fountain or otherwise) but they’re a bit of a faff. I could type out a letter much faster, and print it out and send it. Would that be such a bad thing? People could read it easily…and I could type it a lot more quietly…I’d also get to keep a copy on my computer for future reference.

I’d like to figure out a way to sync my work logseq with my iPad. Annoyingly OneDrive (which I have at work) doesn’t appear to play nicely with Apple Files and only opens as read only. You can only save things to OneDrive on iOS by using the app or sharing the file.

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