Saturday, 16th December, 2023

December entries are looking pretty sparce. I thought I was doing quite well, but maybe that was just November.

I’d forgotten about, it’s just VS code and that means my snippet for the frontmatter works in it. I have to go F1, snippets, newday via the menu. So this makes it very easy to write anywhere on any device (well large not mobile).

The Apple store was pushing trade-in value a lot. I heard the lady in front of me get it and me too. The whole casual chat was phishing for info on what phone I had and upgrades. Or maybe it’s an easy topic of conversation when you’re in the Apple store at the Genius bar. Holding the SE again, vs my 13 pro, does remind me of how nice a small phone is. Although I do like my 13. I’ve also got used to FaceID and find TouchID such a hassle!

I installed some custom firmware on my 3DS. It’s been sat on a shelf for ages and I saw that the eshop had closed (a while ago), and so now there is literally no way of getting some games. Maybe you can get them used, but prices are insane and that money doesn’t go to the developer anyway…so therefore it’s not stealing? The app hshop is incredible. It’s a new eshop but with everything ever from all the regions, and virtual console (so old gameboy games), and DSiWare, and all sorts. I’m never going to play any of them but it’s nice to have.

I bought Animal Crossing from the eshop…10 years ago or whenever…and you can still download it from Nintendo even though the eshop has closed but it’s only a matter of time before you won’t be able to. All the more reason to buy phyiscal media (other than the hassle of making backups…)

Been playing the new Zelda on the Switch. It’s a very relaxing and enjoyable game, I should do it more often vs. sitting on the computer looking at rubbish online.

Was in Costco today just looking around. Looked at TVs - also looked in Currys (electrical retailer) the other day. I don’t know how anyone can buy a TV in these places. There’s just no information about the TV other than size, price and maybe if it’s 4K. I’m probably not the target audience, and it’s more for people who go “oh a 75” 4K TV for 999, that seems good value, let’s buy it”. I would like to get a TV from a store so I don’t have to pay for shipping or wait around all day for it…as they’re never going to leave it on the porch if I’m out. At best, I can find a deal online and then collect in store, but often the best deals aren’t available in store, either at all or they immediately sell out.

Also can’t decide what I want…either top spec TV, like a Samsung OLED S90C, or just a decent but cheap 50-55” 4K LED screen to replace the 16 year old one we have in the play room.

I eyed the macbooks in Costco too. I’ve not seen the new Airs before, they do look nice and feel nice…The boys said we need another laptop so that the three of them can all play online games together. I don’t disagree with buying more computers. Although for the kids a used ThinkPad is more appropriate, to withstand their grubbiness. I’d like an old ThinkPad with the 7 row keyboard, like a T420 or X220, install some random OS (OpenBSD?) and DE/window manager on and just use it for writing. Although the random OS and WM will mean more fiddling and no writing. The only thing with those models is that the screens are horrendous.

Now I want to get a X220 and do all these mods.

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