Tuesday, 12th December, 2023

This is an interesting article’s HN discussion thread, about after hours work and productivity.

Absolutely with the optics and what people think. Working from home, being in early vs. later. Also, all these people who wake up at 10 am. Wow.

I caught myself thinking that I used to be good at my job and I used to be important/impactful/meaningful etc. I still look back on a part of my life/career and think that was the best. Well only best part of my career, not my life. Why couldn’t I be that now?

I then answered myself “because I don’t care”. I get my work done, I could do lots more things, but I have no motivation to do so. Why bother? One motivation could be to have more money, which I generally only want so I can stop working sooner. This is still a good reason but seems contradictory. The top earners are all obsessed with work, or work all the time, and I don’t want to do that. Sometimes I think that I’ve reached my top and now I just continue from here at this level, but that’s also depressing. No-one is going to do anything for me though, and I have to do it myself. But then I’m back to “why bother?”. I should try and find something that I like and do more of that. I’m friendly with the IT and data people, I could easily insert myself there more and do more things that I like doing. Maybe some deeper, private introspection is needed…

Also go to bed earlier so I’m not tired.

Tried Apple Journal. It’s fine, I quite like how it brings up things you’ve been doing on your phone or people you called as prompts. However, it’s no DayOne, so probably just skip it for now. It’s one step away from asking me to journal about my feelings whilst I journaled previously.

Probably you’ve seen this but I like this headline if nothing else.

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