Monday, 11th December, 2023

I managed to faint in a first aid course today. How ironic.

Been writing some Christmas cards on the bureau. It’s both enjoyable and convenient. My wife was writing some and then can just close it up when it’s time to do something else, and I just right on continued afterwards. Whereas anywhere else in the house, all this stuff would need to be tidied away first. Plus all the bits and bobs are in the cubbies here, for when I want to make an effort with someone’s card. What it really needs is a nice way to print a little photo…so I could pop that in that card as well.

The HP Tango X is still going and is fine. THe subscription isn’t too much and it makes it easy for the kids to print stuff for homework or fun. It pretty much always works and I don’t need to worry about ink. It shows up and I put it on the shelf above the printer. Whilst it can do photos, and I still get free ones from the app, I don’t use it as I have to change paper. Such a lame excuse but that’s the reason. Also I don’t have a good system and so when I’m writing a Christmas card to Great Auntie so-and-so and think it would be nice to put in a recent photo of the four kids, I’m then stuck with actually finding one. I’ve not tried searching for multiple people in photos, but it makes me think I should add a tag or something as it’s a common look that people want.

I do keep thinking I should just get a mac and sort my photos in Then I could be on my ipad at the bureau, filter and search for what I want, and print it. Assuming I can be bothered to change the paper….unless I get another printer

I suppose there’s instax style printers, but they’re a little too much per page for my liking, plus do I want more compromised printers? Instax pictures would be a good size to put in a Christmas card though.

If I want to get back into the habit of writing letters and sending photos then maybe another printer…no, don’t be so ridiculous…move the paper somewhere easy and just print things out. I am going to go look at that little Canon printer Jack got somewhat recently…just to confirm how I shouldn’t get another…😅 (Canon SELPHY CP1500 btw)

My aunt (who is just a family friend not a real aunt…for the record) often sends very, very long text messages to catch up. I usually reply (about 5 days later) with a not so long text message. She did end her last message with “maybe we should write letters instead of these messages”. I did think “yes! Absolutely” but have yet to do anything.

I never bought the Lightroom annual sub in BF sales. It sat in my amazon basket all weekend and then the sale was over. Guess I’m not using Lightroom anymore. I can still see my pictures in it, and do some stuff, but I can’t search and that’s the most useful part.

Speaking of photos, I’ve been thinking about my photos website. I took it all down and have yet to put anything in its place. I should install tinylytics to see if people actually visit it. I sort of don’t want to bother, but I also feel like I can’t give up that domain. I recently remembered Piwigo. Which I used to pay for as my photos site. It was quite good value, as it was “unlimited” storage. Don’t think I really used that much space on it, and am now wondering if I should just host it myself, and then it can just sit forever for free. We mostly use Apple Photo Stream these days, so not sure I need a photos site for my family. Perhaps I could use it for my own stuff…but I don’t take pictures that aren’t family and friends. I had thought about just making it for film photos I’ve taken, but meh.

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