Wednesday, 29th November, 2023

I have a copy of this site on my work laptop, for writing on it from there, but I feel like I should remove it as it’s quite personal. I can just use the github website to add days and edit it if I want.

Im enjoying Ruskin Bond’s little book. Lots of nice thoughts about writing, not getting hung up, simplifying things and enjoying the natural world. Again, reading it at night is nice, but it’s tricky to capture things I want to make notes of.

Work colleague gave me some winter bike tyres with studs on them yesterday. I’ve not fitted them and did some research about using them when it’s not snowing etc. Seems that it’s fine and it’s more about the hassle of switching tyres or wheels. I should’ve fitted them last night as it snowed overnight. Only a tiny amount but certainly cold and potentially icy.

I’m not actually going to be cycling the rest of the week, so I’ve got a few days or can wait until the weekend to fit them.

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