Sunday, 26th November, 2023

Technically, it’s still Saturday when I’m starting to write this, but I suspect it’ll be Sunday soon enough. My sister tells me that when she was in China, the cure to all ailments was hot water. So I’m having some hot water whilst this cough keeps me awake at night. Also left the bedroom so I don’t wake up anyone else.

I’ve got to the end of the books I have in the Enderling saga. There are still 4 or 5 or maybe more left to go, and I’ve asked for them for Christmas. This leaves a month where I have to find something else to read. Given it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve read anything else, I’m not sure what to do.

I poked about on my kindle to see what else is there, and randomly picked “Book of simple living. Brief notes from the Hills” by Ruskin Bond. No idea where I got this one from, but likely during my time seeking out ways to simplify. It’s been quite a while since I went down this journey - simple living, less things, stoicism, that sort of stuff. Reading this book is very easy but very thought provoking. This is a book I should read when armed with a pen and paper, not lying in bed falling asleep. Although then I’d fret about where to write things as “I need this forever”. So probably the iPad or a computer but then that spirals out of control into looking at things.

So many good nuggets in it. I like that he’s used his typewriter for 40 years, but saddened that it can no longer be repaired, but he’s happy to keep using his pen and fingers as he’s done for the last 80.

When we were abroad, everything was temporary, and we knew we’d move. So nothing was important and everything could wait. Now we’re settled, and most likely (or hopefully) going to stay here for the next twenty years - although why? - and now I feel like I’m giving in to social norms, particularly buying things. Somehow also related is my desire for financial independence, which seems to have slipped away as I slowly reside myself to having to work for much longer. To me both of these come down to too much stuff and wanting more stuff.

My clever brain tells me all these things I’ve bought are tools and useful and not a waste. Like this 3D printer! The number of creative things it opens up is huge so maybe that one is okay. There are also so many educational things to build that are stimulating and interesting for the kids. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t that much…£240, plus a few £10 rolls of filament. That new/refurb iphone was a lot more…

Maybe because it’s late at night but I think I need to get back to my core aspirations. Not being driven by material goods, which in turn should lead to better financial decisions. Maybe re-reading some of the books I’ve not looked at in a long time and reading for the first time some that are sat on the shelf.

There are quite a few radio things I want to do but buying everything is expensive. I want to buy everything to shortcut the time and get straight to it but the journey is perhaps as much fun as the end point. A good point being a rotator for satellites that does both rotation and elevation. Commercial ones are about £600. There are designs for ones where the parts are about £200, maybe less, but it’s quite the project. However, would it not be more satisfying to build it? Even if it takes 6 months.

It is hard to be motivated to build things in the winter, as it’s cold and dark. Even if I’m in the garage, it’s still not as fun as sitting outside and doing things.

Maybe I’m being too black and white and too harsh/oppressive on myself. I think a revisit to the financial spreadsheet and set things out and then have money that can be spent.

Money often costs too much. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

To take a quote from this book I’m reading. I also liked this one:

Cold weather doesn’t care if you coat is old or new. – Bhutanese wisdom

Still have a feeling that there’s something else there that I’m not understanding. It’s quite the experience to stop dead in your tracks and ponder some words in a book. Reading the fiction, fantasy novels is great entertainment but I never stop to consider it.

Now it’s Sunday.

Time to try to go to sleep again in the spare room I think. The hot water was nice, I actually want some more.

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