Friday, 24th November, 2023

The third typewriter arrived and I opened it to a stench of smoke. I complained and the seller immediately refunded me. Which was nice, although I still have to post it back and he’s yet to provide his address.

Bought a refurb iPhone 13 Pro from ebay. Supposedly in Excellent condition. A voucher off, and (supposedly) 20% cashback promo as part of Black Friday, will make it the cheapest it’ll be for probably another year. The plan is to give my old one to our oldest as her first phone on her 11th birthday…as seems to be the tradition, such that she has a phone before going to the senior school. I might get a new battery for it from Apple. It say it has 81%, and I think they suggest it’s fine until under 80%. I research to see if people think it’s worthwhile. Anyway, this means I’ve got time to transfer and sort things out and not rushing to get a new phone too near the time. Got the green one as everyone says it looks nicest.

My free Xbox controllers arrived from Microsoft today. So that’s nice. Just wish they’d respond so I can cash out the rest of the vouchers. They do respond but it’s turned into a mess…maybe my fault for raising multiple tickets but each time has been a different issue. The problem is they look at my account and see a ticket and go “oh you already have a ticket, respond to that. Closing this one”. Even thought they’re for different issues. I replied to everything and may write a really long one again tonight to try and explain everything. Although given they didn’t read the previous ones probably means they won’t read this one… I just want to cash out before Monday so I can get my free XBox to go with the controllers! Not that I really want an XBox. They kids will play on it, but they already play on the old one I got locally in January, and don’t really care or notice. But I want to get it as it’s “free”, just a year of searching Bing and doing silly things. If they don’t sort it out before Monday then the vouchers I do have in there have to be spent before February otherwise they expire. So hopefully they’ll have a boxing day sale.

This used to be the big sale of the year in the UK. Now it seems Black Friday is that…or they have them both but neither are as good as they used to be?

Switched my gas and electric supplier. Was surprised to see that they’ll do it within 2 working days. I’m sure it used to take 4-6 weeks!

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