Wednesday, 22nd November, 2023

New car has a delivery date, got the EV charger install schedule (although with the electrician who was not quite as professional and organised as another one…which keeps nagging me in the back of my mind). That’ll be good though…

Still not sure I want to sign up to yet another subscription for iCloud storage…

Seen some film sales, and went to look but boy they’re still expensive. £35 for 5 rolls of Kodak Gold 120 film, I suppose that’s not bad but at 12 shots it’s probably not a good use for me. Yes medium format but what I shoot, I can’t see that. I’m probably better buying two rolls of Portra 800 35mm for £37. I should look what’s in my film box as I’ve not opened it in ages. Might even be some Portra 800 in there I was saving. I like the idea of cracking out the film camera for Christmas, and ISO 800 would definitely help.

Had slightly better results today with Microsoft reward points. Managed to cash out £90 worth on my wife’s account and ordered two controllers, so more people can play at the same time. Just my account now…which has been locked down and I have to wait for support. Hopefully, after 2 days it’ll be the same as my wife’s and I can cash out the rest.

With all these issues I’ve been “I’m never doing this again”. But here am I still collecting points…after 11 months it’s kind of a habit, so hard to just drop, and I have cashed out nearly £200 already, so it can work, and I know what to do next time…i.e. start earlier. I don’t quite have enough for a series X, but I have a good percentage. If I keep going, what am I saving for next year? Well I can cash out to Amazon vouchers, so basically anything then…not quite as good exchange rate between points and amazon vouchers vs. Microsoft store points but still.

I can’t believe John Candy died in 1994. I know it was a while ago but if you’d asked me I’d have said 2005 minimum.

I see Apple are doing apple gift cards for BF, I wonder if that stacks with the EDU store discount. Feels like we’ve spent a fortune this month though 🙄

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