Saturday, 18th November, 2023

I really like typing on my ipad with the Smart keyboard. I went to the Apple website to see what its proper name is, and what I said is that, but also see there are quite a few options now. There’s a folio version which looks identical but perhaps a different connector as it’s compatible with different iPad models. The only other difference is the way it’s structured, with a back panel and offers two viewing angles.

Then there are the magic keyboards, which looks like real mac keyboards with a trackpad. Think I’d have to try them in store to be convinced to spent that much on them.

I had an offsite meeting on Thursday and I took my iPad to make notes. I enjoyed it so much more than if I had my laptop there. Perhaps I should do it more often at work? Although I do have logseq on my laptop at work so there’s that. Plus we might want to schedule meetings in the meeting and having a full OS and apps is useful.

But I like using it for this blog, and my DayOne. I’ve kept complaining I don’t write in DayOne much any more. Instead of complaining I started today and wrote something. I need to catch up the rest of the day but something beats nothing.

I’ve also spent a lot of time reading the Kinopio docs. I get sucked into the cool looking pages that people make and want to do that myself, but then also get enjoyment from white text on a black background like this.

Shared it with my sister, who loves cutsie things and her paper journal is full of artwork and stickers and washi tape etc. Obviously she immediately 😍’d it.

I also looked at and I like the idea of it but not sure I need another thing to figure out.

My problem is that I can’t just use the software, I have to research it, reads the docs, look at power users, watch YouTube videos on it and generally seek to find the most perfectly optimised and cleverly designed way to build and use it. By which time I feel overwhelmed and burnt out and I’ve not even made a Hello World post with it yet. This might be why I like plain text as I’m already at max level by just typing.

I want to live just in an iPad. I wonder if I should try it for a week. Or I should buy a MacBook. I really like/miss those 12” MacBooks from 2018 era. The ones with a single USB-C port, a slow m3 CPU, and a keyboard with zero travel. It’s like an iPad but a whole computer. But maybe an iPad is better…hmm can’t tell. I might look at them on ebay and see how much they are. If not too bad then maybe….

I spend too long looking at deals on hotukdeals. If I don’t need something then why am I looking to see what’s on sale. But sometimes I find good things that are useful and we will want to get but should get now as it’s cheaper. However the app has turned into my doom scrolling on my phone. I’m torn between deleting the app and not. Think of the deals I could miss!!!

Enjoying Masayoshi Takanaka music that I found somehow via Kinopio. Specifically “Oh! Tango Suerte”.

Wanted to write on the typewriter this evening but it’s now 2130 and I feel like I’ve still not finished things I was going to do.

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