Thursday, 16th November, 2023

The secret to waking up is to wake up way earlier than you have to. When you have 1-2 hours where you can just sit there calmly, drinking coffee, and not be rushed, you feel ten times better. Later on, you can work on being ~productive~ in the a.m. too if you please.

Simon Sarris

So I should get up at 5:30, to have an hour of peace…I feel like this rule applies to people who start work at 9am or later. My hour of peace is 10-11pm. Also going to bed earlier, else you’ll die - or at least feel like you have.

I had a meeting at a company who is near Costco today. I thought about going in and buying a TV, but with “black friday” week approaching it didn’t seem sensible. However, good deals can be had all year round and I think retailers offload crappy stuff on Black Friday. So maybe I should’ve got a TV.

Although I can’t decide if it should replace the lounge (the room where the kids aren’t allowed toys and is generally kept fairly nice) or the play room (self explanatory) TV. The lounge is a hand-me-down from my mother. A 40” Samsung something from 2015 ish and the playroom is a 42” from 2007. I could swap them all around. The 40” sounds small but the room is quite small and I don’t want the TV to be overbearing, and the playroom is much larger, and where the Switch gets played. I suppose it doesn’t really affect what I buy and can then try in both places.

My boss has asked me to do some work this evening…she’s very nice and never asks unless it’s really important…it’s also appraisal time in two weeks and recency bias is always a strong one…

At this meeting I met a lady who is from Derry (think Derry Girls) and said that her friend from school is the writer for Derry Girls, and her school, teachers and her sister are all very clear characters in the TV show!

All I’ve done is send memes to my boss about the work but not done anything.😬 It’s writing a letter and I prefer making a spreadsheet. The hard part is that someone has written one already but it’s not great, but hard to pin down why it’s not great. Is it easier to start again or to edit it? I can’t decide and so I’ve done nothing.

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