Wednesday, 15th November, 2023

Success! We have a typewriter! £25 for a nice blue Silver Reed Silverette II. Sounds like it needs a little clean up with sticking keys and some new ink. So I’m pleased with that.

If nothing else, as Jack would say, it’ll make a nice shelf Queen.

Now do I cancel all my other eBay offers… 😅

I did cancel one offer but left the low bids in place and I ended up winning another typewriter! It’s a very nice looking Smith Corona Viceroy Deluxe. In lovely cream and brown. Screams 70s, but I think it looks mint. I’ll be keeping that one.

I think I still have a one more low ball bid to ride out. We’ll see how that goes.

Lifetime subscription to Kinopio for $200 is very tempting even though I really struggle to know how to use the site. I love the idea of it and the craziness of it but no idea otherwise. It’s quite the opposite to an outliner, which I really like.

I spent a while looking at OpenBSD last night. This happens every 5 years or so, and I re-read about it’s approach and think that’s such a good way to go about making a operating system. I might even install it and then realise it’s a lot of work to set it up and learn its ways that I give up and forget about it again for a while. I even started looking at Sparc64 hardware on ebay. Whew! And I thought macs were expensive.

I did look at some old PowerBooks and G4s, some running OS 9, but they were either very battered or in excellent condition with original CDs and all sorts but with a huge price tag. I also think I got my G4 mini for a steal as they’re not cheap, at least not last night when I looked.

Bike got a puncture today. That was chore.

Work is super busy and I still need to do somethings as I’m completely scheduled tomorrow but it’s 10pm and I’m tired.

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