Tuesday, 14th November, 2023

Every so often I get the feeling I need to start again. With everything. Then it’ll be much better. Sometimes I get that feeling but I’m not quite sure what I’m starting again. I’ve certainly restarted websites and wikis several times, although not actually for quite a while now. Perhaps that’s progress or perhaps I’ve just given up and am distracted elsewhere. Maybe I’ve learnt to just throw stuff into Tiddlywiki and not worry about tags etc. that much. I’ll find it later or maybe I won’t. I’d like to be able to curate a lovely garden 🪴 of notes and reflections but it’s not in my nature. It’s quite the opposite of my nature and so it requires a huge effort to make myself do it. As it’s just myself making me then I usually win and therefore don’t do anything.

I just find it pointless and a waste of time. I don’t get incredible learnings or ah-ha moments or great new content, I just get a rehashed version of me thinking about buying things, worrying about buying things, and telling myself I should try harder next time.

It doesn’t stop me from liking the idea of setting goals and working towards them, vs. just floating along. Maybe I should just set myself one goal and try and do that.

That goal is decide between a black or white car charger…black is black and probably can’t go wrong with it. Although looks ugly? White is cool but will probably get dirty. I’ll be fit against a grey wall, between brown garage doors, and the main colour of the house is pale. So I think white would go better on average, but maybe the specific location is bad for white. I mocked up a photo with it overlaid on top. Probably I’ll ask my wife what she thinks and go with that. Classic. Then I should schedule the electrician.

The garage emailed me and asked if the order was right, with the specs etc. Then also said let them know if I needed a brochure. It was as if I could change my order, even though I chose a car in stock as I want to get it soon. Seemed weird to me. No doubt part of the process and everyone agrees it’s pointless but has to be done, so don’t question it.

Reminded me we’re getting fabric seats. I don’t mind that but I’ve got used to leather and it’s so much easier to clean when the kids make a mess. However, to get leather I had to get the top model, which has so many pointless add-ons I didn’t think it was worth the money. The main thing that put me off was the sound system, a Bose blah blah blah, but the subwoofer was placed in the boot, right in the middle and in the way of luggage. Seems like a poor choice but no doubt they had nowhere else to put it.

Wife said black before I could finish talking.

Typewriter shopping is fun! There are so many I want, I’d forgotten about many of the models. If I’m lucky all my lowball offers will come to something and I’ll have too many, and the perfect excuse of lowballing and accidentally winning them…

I’m keen to scour eBay and see what other vintage stuff I can find…I saw a laptop the other day which had a wheel where the trackpad is like the old iPod. Think it was Fujitsu? Something I’ve never heard of.

Oh I also saw someone build a digital radio setup but using an old fashioned mic and speaker. Digital radio is like VoIP combined with radios, so it uses the internet and has rooms and other stuff, but can also work radio to radio. It’s like having a VoIP phone but an old style rotary one. ☎️ I’ll add that to the list of things to build…

I’ve looked at digital radio several times, so many pi hats and add-on boards, but I didn’t find it appealing. If I want to talk to people over the internet I’ll just use Discord…but this was such a cool build that I might do it just for that. I had wondered if I could then use it for Teams calls at work 😅

Once again sat at the bureau on my ipad and enjoying the experience. Wife kicked me off the computer to work on the calendars some more. And continue to remind me what a poor selection of photos we have this year. Got her in Lightroom searching by People, useful for marking their birthdays in the calendar.

A friend at work, his son is getting quite into hacking about on old computer stuff. Nothing extraordinary but things like running Windows XP in a VM to play some old games and even run old browsers (he really likes the history of browsers!), or getting the Wii controller to work on the PC. He now wants a N64 for Christmas, which is unfortunate as so does everyone and the prices are insane. I suggested getting a Wii U as no-one wants it but it’s got a great hacker community and some good games available too. But that’s probably not what he wants to hear! I thought about giving him the G4 mac, as honestly, I’m never going to use it. I’ll give him the CDs with System 9 on it too, and a few links to that old mac stuff page.

Sometimes remembering the past is better than reliving it.

I think I’d have to install Leopard on the G4 mac to get the most recent PPC version of Tinderbox to work and so much faff for me not actually to use it. What I really want is a M2 (or M3 if that’s coming?) Mini to have for fiddling with.

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