Sunday, 12th November, 2023

Seems like some typewriters are available for reasonable prices on eBay. As long as you don’t want very popular models, particularly the Hermes 3000, you should be able to find something for £20-25. I bid £20 on one tonight but it sold for £22. Not that I could’ve bought it for £22, as if I’d bid again then it would’ve been higher as someone else wanted it. However, if I find one that ends during the day mid-week I have a good chance of getting it a 1 bid sale price. Tempted to get another one for myself…why? No idea, but have a feeling of acquiring old things because they only get scarcer. Reminds me of old M glass…

I also fell down the rabbit hole of wanting to run OpenBSD on some random old laptop, this was an adjacent warren to the vintage mac one I’d been on after upgrading my G4 mini to a SSD. I think vintage stuff is more convenient in laptop form, as then it doesn’t occupy other hardware - like monitors, keyboards etc. I also thought about running openBSD on the G4, but it’s nice to open it and just use as is! I thought about install Classic OS 9 on it as well but I’ll save myself the wasted time of installing it, poking about, and then ultimately not using it/reinstalling OS X again. It’s already hard enough to use as a computer.

Well let’s see where eBay leads to tonight. Reminds me of buying things because I’m bored…or something like that…

Got a free GPS receiver chip from a radio guy. No idea what I’m going to do with that. It’s literally a rectangle of metal.

Turns out I never fully updated the G4 before. I did one set of Software Updates after installing the OS and assumed that was it. This time I’m on round four of upgrades, so I wonder what it’ll be like when I’m finally done with them all…could it actually be useable without issue?

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