Saturday, 11th November, 2023

I need to recognise when I’m tired and should just go to bed and not stay up until 11:30 looking at crap on YouTube and the internet.

Went on the radio at lunch time today. Was nice just to use it and not fret about antenna or radios or building something. The garage setup is nice but it’s noticeably cooler than the rest of the house! The new 27” monitor is nice. Just got the laptop hooked up to it so far but a dedicated machine would be good.

I should just get a box to run Linux on. I still sort of want a mac but seems weird if I got one for in the garage!

My wife is making the family calendars which are presents for everyone and feature photos each month but also photos of people on their birthdays. Supposedly it’s much harder this year as “I haven’t taken enough good photos”! She also said all my film photos are better.

I’ve not taken any film photos this year…

It’s been a long time, and I think I’ll be somewhat rusty, and the first few rolls will be a little lame. However, even a lame film photo looks good 😅

I should take some film photos, just casual ones that don’t really matter. Although I don’t have time, or necessarily want to spend my free time, developing and scanning film. I suppose I can send them away.

It’s funny as now I’m in the lounge watching Dune whilst my wife is on the computer. Often the situation is in the reverse!

Was watching the Sampsons with my daughter this evening, on season 10, which is circa when I was watching it at school. It’s funny how I still remember things from it.

I got sucked into /r/headphones last night, but it was interesting how so many of the top posts were about the fact that there’s so little difference between all these headphones and how many people have forgotten the purpose is to listen to music, rather than buying things. So many “hobbies” are really just buying things as one is bored. I’m guilty of that. It’s not just the buying, it’s the build up, the research, the imagining of the scenarios that are being solved and the satisfaction of doing so. Only to then buy it, realise it’s not really want I wanted and I’d imagined so much. For then the cycle to start again.

Doing real things helps prevent it, even watching films, or playing games is better. It comes back to being away from the computer because I can’t use it without getting sucked into some rabbit hole and come out needing to buy yet more things. It’s not that I want to never buy anything, but just find a good balance.

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