Thursday, 2nd November, 2023

I decided about the monitor for the radio shack computer. Just went with the 27” 1440p Dell that’s on sale. Has USB-C so I can easily use my existing laptop with it. So I don’t need to buy a computer and it’s quite easy to use. Feels good to make a decision and stop thinking about it.

I’m wondering about using Logseq for personal stuff as well as work. I can sync it between work and home computers via OneDrive, so that’s handy. Although do I want that stuff on the work computer? Hmm…perhaps not. I feel like I should tidy up some of the logseq things but it’s good at hiding all the old stuff, so that’s fine. I often find I only tend to look back a couple of weeks for stuff and after that it doesn’t matter.

Could do with some cheat sheet pages with useful figures or stats to hand. Maybe goals and whatever, but otherwise I think the simple daily journal is fine. Oh also an achievements list?

Thinking about a new TV this Black Friday…I want a LG C2 OLED but not sure I want to pay those prices, even in sales…The TV it’ll replace is 16 years old so feel like we got our money’s worth. In fact it cost the same as what a LG C2 would now, although it was 16 years ago money so now that would be a million pound TV.

The monitor choice keeps the Mac mini option open 😅 Actually, I might keep Windows for a while as one of the satellites, Greencube, has some software that a ham made but it only works in Windows.

Someone semi-near is selling a hex beam antenna. This is quite big but smaller than the huge 20m yagis people have. It would be okay on the side of the house. Not sure I’m ready for such a big thing. Not sure I’m ready for everyone else to see it.

I should start looking for typewriters for my sister for Christmas/birthday. If I can find a decent one for £50 that would be perfect.

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